Sunday, 31 May 2015

An Evening With ... Kirsty Ralph

Kirsty of Kirsty Ralph Blog is the second beautiful blogger to take part in my 'An Evening With...' series! Kirsty has been a great friend of mine for a number of years and one of the reasons I feel so comfortable blogging and having jumped in at the deep end as much as I can with events and meet-ups. Shes a fabulous food, music and lifestyle blogger amongst other things, so don't miss out on checking out her blog here.

You can find all the other interviews by clicking on the 'An Evening With...Take Part' tab at the top of this page, as well as downloading the questions for yourself to take part - the more the merrier, whether you're a big or small blog, an old or new blog, or blog about anything and everything!

1 | How did you first get involved in blogging?
I got into blogging purely by accident. I was thinking back about diaries I used to keep and I remembered how good it was to set free my thoughts and emotions. I really wanted to explore this side again, but rather than keeping it personal I wanted to share my experiences and hopefully help others.

2 | What is your favourite type of blog post to read?
I love posts that are honest. Something that captures the reader and is personal yet informative at the same time. Mental health posts are one of my favourites, as there is so much stigma and taboo about the subject, but it is more common than you think and needs to be spoken about.

3 | Is your blog something your friends and family are involved in?
My family not as much, they sometimes read my blog, but it's not their thing. I have the support of my bestie Rach, who is also a blogger, so it's good to talk to her about ideas and the like.

4 | What or who has been your biggest support in your blogging career?
My husband has supported me a lot, he gave me the idea to write about my life and emotions, so I am forever grateful to him.

5 | Outside of blogging, what is your favourite thing to do with your friends or family?
I just love hanging out with friends and family, having a nice homemade meal and chilling. It's the simple things in life that make me happy. This is not infinite and I truly have learnt to appreciate every moment.

6 | Social media is a massive part of blogging. But is it just that? Has social media helped you form any friendships you wouldn't have without blogging?
Yes, without a doubt. I have met and made friends with some wonderful people that without being involved in blogging I would have never come across. I love that the social media aspect of blogging is literally like another family. The community is truly fantastic and you can always find someone online to talk to when you need them!

7 | Everyone has that one embarrassing moment that they can laugh about with their friends. What's yours?
Honestly, I can't think of one! I'm quite a serious person.

8 | What characteristics are you most drawn to in a persons' personality? Is there any traits that are an instant turn off?
Honesty and loyalty are factors I take into place with someone. I hate two-faced bitchyness, it's really not needed. I hate ignorant and arrogant people who think they are God's gift to the world. You know those you expect everything for nothing.

9 | How do you feel your friendships, family and interests have reflected in your blog?
My interests have definitely reflected in my blog, I love tenpin bowling and because I bowl a lot of tournaments and things it has featured on my blog. My friends and family have kept me honest and true to myself in my blog as well.

Don't forget to check out Kirsty's incredible blog here, and follow her on Twitter (@KirstyRalph11) and Instagram (@kirstyralph11). Kirsty's answer's really have drawn a tear to my eye with their honesty and deepness, which is also something which is greatly seen on her incredible blog - she is one of the most honest and down to earth people, and bloggers that I know! Thanks Kirsty...


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