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Friday, 31 July 2015

LUSH | Summer Haul Part Two | Cleansers, Scrubs and Jellies

One of the things I can't get enough of from Lush is their scrubs, shower jellies, cleansers and face masks - and definitely go over haul when buying them. Continuing on from my Part 1 Lush Summer Haul...delve with me into the land of my favourite recent Lush pots!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

LUSH | Summer Haul Part One | Soaps and Massage Bars

A few weeks back, it came to that time of the quarter when I take my trip to LUSH and end up, as usual, buying half the shop! I got some good old trusted classics, some new favourites for a second time, and some new exciting things to try. I love Lush products, and haven't actually found a product that I don't like yet - so please don't be confused as to why I only go to a place that I love so much four or five times a year - it's mainly because I; a) know if I go in there I'm going to spend a fortune more than I have on all the exciting things and b) because I find the stuff so pretty and gorgeous smelling that I feel bad using them and don't want to not have them any more - it's a dilemma! So, as with every Lush trip I take, I ended up getting way more than I needed and spending more than I should have done - although, snaps for me for keeping it under £20 - believe me, when it comes to Lush, that's an achievement for me!

Monday, 27 July 2015

New Jacob's Cracker Crisps | First Impression


I signed up to a marketing company called BzzAgent a while back, who are one of the leading marketing companies, sending out products to a number of people per product to let people test them out and hopefully, if they like them, share this with their friends and spread the word about these new products, and the first one I have to try is the new Cracker Crisps by Jacob's.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Boston Tea Party, Cheltenham | Café Review

Tucked away in the far end of Cheltenham town centre lies a modern industrial coffee shop and café called Boston Tea Party, bringing copper and metallics back into fashion along side, as it's name suggests, British classics such as Eggs Benedict and beautiful cakes with American, Boston style with huge pastrami sandwiches and milkshakes. Discovering this little gem on my first day in Cheltenham was definitely a good thing...

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Gloucester Quays Food & Drink Festival 2015

Having moved down from the cold climates of Leeds in West Yorkshire to the sweltering heat of the South, I wanted to try as many things as possible in my first few weeks living in a county that seemed to have completely different mannerisms and characteristics that the one I had just moved from - and what better was to see what fantastic local produce and vibe Gloucestershire has then to attend the annual Food & Drink Festival at Gloucester Quays, which took place this year on the 17th - 19th July.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

BareMinerals Beauty Must Haves Kit | Review

I have never really used bareMinerals products before, and have been meaning to try some out for a long time, and after sifting through a magnitude of random items when moving house and going through my old bedroom at my parents house, I found a bareMinerals bareBeauty kit that my Mum got me for Christmas just gone (and I'm not even sure you can get this specific kit any more!) - it seemed like the perfect time to see what bareMinerals had to offer and what the products were like for my complexion and skin type. I think these little bareMinerals kits are fantastic if you need a quick and easy look for when you're travelling or if you're really pushed for space as they are so compact and you literally get everything you need in one little box!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

USA --> UK; International Box Swap with Conk's Canister

Constance of Conk's Canister blog is one of the first bloggers I started speaking to when I first joined Twitter and the fabulous blogging world back in February and is one of the people who has always been there for a chat or to help with tips and advice when needed, so it was obvious when deciding to do an international box swap that she would be my first choice to swap with! We set a budget and got shopping for lots of lovely beauty and lifestyle things to send to one another, including a few special requests (Sephora makeup and Jolly Ranchers for me, and Tanya Burr lipgloss for Constance)...

I'm Back!

So, if you have clicked on my blog in the past six weeks or so (thank you very much if you have popped by!), you may have noticed I haven't posted in a while. The past six weeks have been, to say the least, incredibly hectic including finishing my university degree, graduating from said degree, relocating my whole life, picking up and moving almost 200 miles from Leeds to Cheltenham and job hunting to be able to afford living in a much more expensive town than I have been accustomed to living in Yorkshire! 

I have some exciting posts planned for the next couple of weeks as I have been exploring a new location, including a New Flat Tour, a number of restaurant reviews and an exciting post about the Gloucester Quays Food Festival as well as some non-location based posts such as an International Box Swap and my first sponsored post! So, that is what has been happening! This is just a short post, I know - but at least now I'm caught up with everything and finally have internet (which took fifteen days to get in my new flat!) and am back on a roll with loads of post ideas etc! Come back and visit soon - the activity will soon be up and running!
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