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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Back To School in Style | Smiggle Wish List

I know, I know, I'm too old to be going to high school and be excited by shopping trolly shaped desk tidy's, but even at twenty-five years old, I still L.O.V.E. stationery - and especially back to school when all the intricate and outlandish new products come into stores. Ah, I do miss the good old days when I was at university and worked part time at Staples - stationery heaven in an aluminium-steel box! I have set my sights to a different shop this year, however, for the most incredible Back To School supplies I have seen on the high street - and things that, even though I don't need them for school, would come in very useful for blogging, planning and just plain owning to look cool on my desk! This year I discovered a brand new shop I have never been in before - an American stationery shop that is slowly taking the UK by storm with their unique products. Here is my Smiggle Back To School wish list.

Wizzbang Stapler, £15 // I literally think this is the coolest stapler I have ever seen - you can see the whole inside of the stapler and can watch the cogs turning to automatically staple your paper with a sensor. It's a little chunky to keep in your school bag and take around with you, but it would be a fabulous addition to your bedroom desk for doing all your school work at home.

Glue Pencil, £2 // This is a really snazzy addition to any school supply pack - I love the way it looks like a pencil but is a normal small sized glue stick. Who says that glue sticks have to be boring?

Trash It Desk Bin, £7 // This is another one that would be good to have on your desk at home, maybe not as a bin, but it would be great for keeping pins or paper clips in to keep everything tidy.

Macaroon Eraser Set, £4.50 // Nothing could be better than food shaped stationery. I love things like this, and macaroons are just so adorable. It's also a great food to make a fun piece of stationery from as they are already colourful!

Cookie Eraser Mini Pack, £4.50 // You can never have too many erasers - they seem to be the most adorable stationery pieces, and these cookie erasers certainly are just that. I love the Kawaii style with their cute faces. I also love the fact that they come in a miniature lunch box.

Maze Pens, £1.50 each // It's always difficult to make pens interesting, which is a shame because they are the things that you use the most at school - so why not make them the most interesting? Smiggle has done just this by taking the humble maze game and creating a pen from it, giving a fun twist on the pen. Just be sure to not get too distracted by them!

Recordable Pens, £7 each // Can't keep up with the dictation in class? Then the recordable pen is for you. I would have found these so useful at school to go back and listen to the teacher again when talking about a subject - and certainly something that I wish I had at university where minimal notes are supplied and you have to listen for the additional information. I like the subtleness in the recording device too so it looks like you're just using a normal pen.

Funny Faces Pencils, £2.75 each // These pencils are so funny looking, they will definitely be the talk of the classroom. You may need a big pencil for them though!

Calculator Ruler, £7 // What's better than a plain old ruler? A ruler with a calculator, stencils and a protractor of course! I love how compact this ruler makes so many school essentials and how it all cleverly locks together.

Crayon 6 Stack Pencils, £7 // I used to love doodling at school, and found making things colourful a fantastic way to remember things and revise things effectively. I like that this six pack of colours is actually twelve compacted, with interchangeable colours in each pencil crayon - and they are erasable!

Milk Carton Shakes Pencil Cases, £9.50 each // I think this is the most adorable pencil case I have ever seen - it's so unique and something that nobody else will have in your class! I want all three designs.

Hamburger Jotter, £7 // Can you see the food theme? I love food shaped stationery, and this hamburger jotter is so amazing. I love how the paper isn't all the same shape, it follows the shape of the hamburger fillings with lettuce, tomato and cheese shaped post-it's amongst others.

Super A4 Lined Exercise Books, £2.75 each // Everyone needs a notebook for school for all that note making, so why not have something that you want to look at? I love the range of notebooks in all sizes from Smiggle with a variety of equally adorable designs, although the purple notebook is my favourite.

Bucket Shoulder Bag, £15 // With all these fabulous school supplies, of course a beautiful bag is needed for it all to go in to. I love the bucket shoulder bags, they are a great shape and are bright and beautiful! They are also surprisingly able to hold a multitude of things. I love the spotty design with the cyan colour of the main bag.

Barrel Sports Bag, £22.50 // As well as a school bag, you may need your own sports bag for school, so make it stand out! I love the multicoloured stripes in this bag and the barrel shape is perfect for keeping all your sporty equipment in, and it's certainly big enough to hold your shoes, kit and a towel!

Carnival Food Flask, £11.50 // I love this flask shaped lunch box - not only is it adorable, but I love the uniqueness of it's shape. It's deceptively big so you can fit in all your lunch essentials! It's a great way of keeping things cool too.

Future Bottle, £10 // Taking the humble bottle to the modern era, this is a great way to stay hydrated at school and also has a unique design, putting social media icons onto the bottle. It's a really simple design, but still unique.

Let me know in the comments below what your Back To School or stationery essentials are and what unique things you have found for stationery essentials this year!


Emyii Rankin said...

Far too many cute items, i would buy way too much =]

Charlotte Gransden said...

Smiggle is one of those places that I am super jealous wasn't around when I was still at school!! I look around there all the time and it totally kills me not to buy everything in there!!


Rachael McKenzie said...

Omg tell me about it - if this was around in the 90s and early 00s I would have been all over this stuff!! Still my pencil case was decked out with about 20 scoobies - do you remember those?

Rachael McKenzie said...

I'm not even in education any more but I keep thinking of excuses why j would need all these things for my blog planning etc haha :p

Anonymous said...

I love this wishlist! Everything is so colourful! I need to check out Smiggle, I've never heard of it before!

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