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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Products I've Loved | March 2015

I'm usually quite an eclectic shopper and user of products, so it often takes me ages to finish off products - however, the products below have served me so well I would purchase any of them again, and they are all either empty or on their last legs of life!

L'Oréal Elnett Satin Hair Spray 'Very Volume'
I'm a massive fan of the Elnett range from L'Oréal and I find that this is one of the only hair sprays that I find actually gives me long lasting volume for the whole day, which I struggle to find usually. Since having my hair cut it's been a lot easier to keep volume, but when I had my really long hair I used this constantly. I also really love the Cheryl Cole special editions of the Elnett hair spray. I'm also quite clumsy and indecisive, so it's always good for me to use this hair spray for it's brush-out-ability.

Fake Bake Mousse - Luxurious Golden Bronze
I rarely self-tan, however, I find recently, I swear my skin tone is getting paler - I'm not even sure if thats possible! Either way, I used to tan all the time and really easily when I was younger, but now I tend to go blotchy, and will occasionally have that red blotchiness turn into a semi-tan. In these dyer circumstances, I have resorted to fake tanning, something which I swore I would never do again as every attempt I have tried either turned me orange or incredibly streaky. A friend suggested Fake Bake to me, and I ended up getting the mousse as it seems to be the easiest to apply. I was really surprised at how well it went on and how gradual of a tan it gave you, with instant results. I've never been happy with how I look after fake tanning, until using this product - and I will definitely be stocking up for the spring to use on my porcelain legs!

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 2-in-1 Face Masque & Peeling
With such a long name, it has to be good. And it is! I love the colour of it as a first point - it reminds me of the sea or mint chocolate chip ice cream - not that I would want that on my face! It smells incredible, and because it's a slightly thicker product than some face masks, it doesn't drip down your face after application. It gives a nice warming sensation to your skin, which is really nice and I always use this in the bath as it's such a relaxing feeling and smell. It leaves my skin feeling really fresh and I always see a reduction in the number of spots and black heads that I can see creeping up on my face and neck after using this product. I find this really good to use the day after I've been on a night out and haven't managed to do my full make-up removal routine before crashing into bed.

LUSH D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap
I've never tried a shaving soap before, but I thought I would give this Lush product a go, just for the pure fact that it smells amazing. Granted, it has a strange initial smell, but when you're in the shower, or when it gets wet, the strawberry smell really starts to come through. It's really smoothing and creamy, and leaves my legs feeling much softer after shaving. I also tend to get quite blotchy after shaving as I have fairly sensitive skin on my legs weirdly enough - but this has dramatically reduced the redness as well.

Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer & Brightener
I really love this stuff. This is my second one I've been through now - which is saying something because you have to use so little they last for ages. I use this almost every time I'm doing my makeup as an eye primer when I want my eyeshadow to stay for a long period of time, but most often I use it every day that I'm not wearing eye makeup as it's really creamy and moisturising as well. I also, quite naughtily, use this as a concealer for my under eyes sometimes, if I'm having a particularly 'baggy eyed' day as it has pretty good coverage for a primer. It definitely makes me look more awake in the morning and is a staple product I have for early morning awakenings!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid
I really enjoy using MAC products, as they always give really good coverage. I've used this foundation for pretty much the duration of it's life whenever I go on a night out, as it has really good staying power and gives quite a matte finish for when I get all hot and sweaty in the club (yeahhh - no, seriously, I don't do that very often - but I do tend to get quite shiny if I have heavy makeup on so it's really good for then). I also find that I hardly need to use any for it to make my skin look good - most other foundations I'll use two squirts to cover my face, however, I sometimes have left over product with just one squirt of this! It does irritate me a little that I don't have the squirt-topped bottle, and you have to get that separately. 

Urban Fudge Instant Smoothie Spray
I've loved using this product recently, and need to purchase another one soon, especially with the warmer weather starting to roll in. I find that my hair gets quite frizzy if I'm blow drying it without styling it as well, so this is perfect for those lazy morning occasions. If I don't use a product like this I get a literal afro on the bottom half of my hair, whilst the top remains ridiculously flat. With the Smootie Spray, I've found that, as well as smelling really nice in a weird way, my hair is much smoother, but doesn't look greasy after a few hours as I've found when using other alternatives such as hair oils or heat protect spray with argan oil extracts.

That's all my empties (or nearly empties in some cases) - I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favourite products for a variety of uses and beauty scenarios. Let me know in the comments below what products you love using for things like I've used my empties for!

Paint Yourself Spring | 9 Spring Nail Design Ideas

First off, I just want to make clear - I'm not an expert at nail art. Neither am I very competent at it - so please don't expect works of art! I don't own any fancy equipment, just a dotting tool and I used an old lip brush. These are nail designs for anyone and everyone - not just experienced nail artists!

But, I think that's what makes this good - it can be done by anyone and everyone. Nothing is perfect and I think that things always look that little bit less fake when they are a little rough around the edges. I just love painting my nails and drawing designs on them, even if they turn into a disaster. So - don't judge - just think of it as a tool for employing your own creative ideas and skills and use this post of ideas as more of a base to a whole world of designs and possibilities. Kind of like 'Nail Art for Dummies', only the dummy is me!

| Easter Eggs |

For this look, I highlighted my accent nail with the Rimmel 60 Seconds Coralicious colour, to stand out from the Rimmel 60 Seconds Green. I used the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Neon Pink for dots on the green nails, and then did zig-zag lines as a classic easter egg look alternating the Rimmel Lasting Finish in Black, by using a think brush and the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Purple.

| Spring Animals |

I used Rimmel Lasting Finish Red for the base for all my nails. I then used Rimmel Lasting Finish in Black and a thin brush to create the lady-bird design on my accent nail. On my index finger nail, I used a dotting tool and w7's Nail Polish in White. I then look my thin brush and used Barry M's Nail Polish in Deep Green to draw on the leaves of the strawberry.

| Pink Princess |

For this simple design, I used Kelly Brook Nail Polish in Sparkly Baby Pink, before putting a top coat of Barry M's Nail Polish in Hot Pink Glitter for my accent nail. Using my thin brush, I used Kelly Brook's Golden nail polish to accent all my other nails, by brushing on a thin band at the tips.

| Summer Party |

I started by painting all my nails fully in the Rimmel Lasting Finish in Bright Yellow. Once that was dry, I used the MUA Glitter Nail Effects in Pixie on my accent nail, and then used my thin brush to manoeuvre the diamond shapes to a position I was happy with. I then used the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens in Pink and Aqua to draw on the striped effects.

| Simple And Classy |

For this simple design, I used BeautyUK Nail Polish in Pale Grey for all my nails, except my accent nail, which I painted with Kelly Brook's Pearlescent Yellow.

| You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Grey |

I started by painting my accent nail in Barry M's Nail Polish in Baby Blue. Whilst that was drying, I painted the remainder of my nails with BeautyUK Nail Polish in Peach, which is one of my favourites for the Spring. Once my accent nail was completely dry, I used my thin brush to paint on a cloud shape with w7 Nail Polish in White.

| Spring Sailing |

I used Kelly Brook's Matte Nail Polish in Navy to paint all my nails, except my accent nail which I painted in w7 Nail Polish in White. I then took a thin brush and painted a diagonal stripe down each of the navy nails, and then used the navy polish to draw on an anchor shape on my accent nail.

| Pastel Polka Dots |

This design is super easy. I painted all my nails white with the w7 Nail Polish in White, before using Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens in Pink, Purple and Aqua to accent each of the tips of my nails a different colour and do random dots on my accent nail.

| Scrumptious Watermelon |

For this design I started by painting a white strip down the centre of my accent nail in w7 Nail Polish in White. I then painted my index and little finger nails in Rimmel Lasting Finish in Red and my middle finger nail in Barry M's Nail Polish in Deep Green. Once they were all dry, I used the red and green on either sides of the white strip, leaving a small thin strip of white visible. I used a thin brush to make sure I had a straight line. I then took my dotting tool and used Rimmel Lasting Finish in Black to do the dots of the watermelon.

Ok, so they aren't the most skilled and polished (pun intended) nail art pieces ever, but I'm proud of them - and they were super simple to do. Hopefully you will be able to do them better than my poor attempts! Leave me a photo in the comments to let me know how you got on or if there is any nail art you'll be rocking this spring? ...I think it's best that I stick to nail transfers!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Beautiful On A Budget: Homeware Edition | Tesco

I'm at that point in my life where I would like to think about settling down, and getting a house that is long term, rather than for just a year or two whilst I'm at university...however, being a university student living on a budget, I can't afford to deck out my house with the latest Cath Kidston or Harvey Nichols homeware. Although, I have discovered cheaper ways of decorating my home, without compromising on the styles I love or the quality I expect. 

This season, Tesco Home have a fantastic homeware range, including everything you could ever want to decorate and supply your home with! Below, I have selected my favourite pieces for each of the four main rooms I like to decorate in my house, for next to nothing prices. The four room looks I have created all come in at UNDER £100 each!

Aztec Woven Laundry Basket | £30
Jensen Two-Tier Metal Wall Storage Shelves with Towel Rail | £21.99
Beach Hut Wall Mounted Towel Rack | £11.99
Recycled Glass Tumbler in Blue | £3
Glitz Cracked Class 'Relax' Sign | £6
Set of Two Wooden Crates | £9
De-bossed Word Soap Dish | £3
De-bossed Word Tumbler | £4
De-bossed Word Soap Dispenser | £5

Total Room Cost | £93.98

Fluffy Dog Cushion | £12
Arai Pattern Cushion | £10
Roger Lascelles Clocks Paris Hotel Wall Clock | £34.99
Hugs and Kisses Photo Frame 4x6in | £6
Suck UK Pencil Sharpener Desk Tidy Pot | £14.71

Total Room Cost | £77.70

Geese Measuring Cups | £10
Super White Porcelain Cream Carton | £4
Whitley 16 Piece Melamise Set | £24.99
Occasion Large Oval Cheese Board | £19.99
Circleware Country Mason Jar Mugs with Lids (4) | £15.20

Total Room Cost | £73.68

Imperial Clocks Sweet Clock | £28.99
Novelty Unicorn Pug Puppy Cushion | £6
Geometric Grey Print Cushion | £8
Taper Vase, Yellow | £8
Medium Hurricane | £10
Happiness Canvas 50x80cm | £4
Chunky Ombre Knit Throw | £25

Total Room Cost | £89.99

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Carrot And Swede Slightly Spiced Soup | Recipe

As part of my healthy kick start in 2015 I have been discovering some recipes here and there from a number of recipe books on how to cook more healthy and notorious foods without them being incredibly boring – something that I find tends to put me off dieting when all I am allowed for lunch is a crisp bread with a bit of cucumber! However, after sampling possibly every diet under the sun, I have come to the conclusion that cooking foods that you find interesting and are your favourite foods, but just cooking them with something altered to a healthier alternative or by cooking your ingredients in a different way, for example roasting instead of frying – something that I’ve started doing a lot recently.

One of my favourite foods to eat in the transition from winter to spring is carrot and coriander soup. An old recipe I found uses chicken stock and fried garlic, onions and fresh chives together before adding carrots and the spices. Carrot and coriander soup, whilst delicious, is quite boring – let’s be honest. So, I have designed a slightly healthier alternative (not that it needs one) to a classic. Tis recipe is enough for about six to eight decent sized portions. Soup is also a good one to start with I feel, as well, because it’s so easy to batch make and either stick in your fridge or freezer for another day!

What will you need?

1 tsp Flora Cuisine Cooking Liquid
2 Spanish onions
2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp ground coriander
A handful of fresh coriander
450g carrots
450g swedes
1 large sweet potato
2 litres water
1 Knorr vegetable stockpot
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp black peppercorns
1 tsp chilli flakes

1 | Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees (C). Chop your onions into medium sided chunks. Place them in a large bowl and coat in the Flora Cuisine Cooking Liquid as a healthier alternative with 45% less saturated fats – you can use your fingers. Add in the ground coriander and mix once again. Once they are all covered, tip out and place on an oven tray. Peel the garlic cloves, and place these on the same tray as the onions. Once the oven is at temperature, put the onions and garlic in – roasting off these is a great alternative to frying them. They should take about 15-20 minutes to soften enough and start to caramelise.

2 | Bring enough water to the boil for all your vegetables on a high heat. Once this had started to boil, turn the heat to a medium heat until the water is bubbling at a constant rate. Peel the carrots, swede and sweet potato, and chop into small chunks (whatever shape you like) and throw them all into the boiling water. Dependent on what size of chunk you cut, these could take anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes to go soft enough. I also added some extra veg I had to bulk out the soup a little, as I had 75g of broccoli and cauliflower left from the previous nights dinner.

3 | Once the onions and vegetables are done, drain the water from the vegetables, and add 1 litre of fresh water and the onions and garlic. Using a hand blender, blend the mixture in the saucepan until smooth (it doesn’t matter if there is a few chunks left in at this point as we will need to re-blend later on. Put back on the medium heat and leave for 30 minutes until bubbling. 

In a pestle and mortar, crush together the mustard seeds, black pepper corns, half the ground coriander and the chilli flakes and stir into the soup mixture.

5 | Add another litre of water and blend for about 5-10 minutes until as smooth as you like. Add salt and pepper to taste and then add in the stockpot. If you’re using a stock cube, dissolve in the litre of water by boiling the water before adding to the mixture at the start of this step. Put back on a low heat for about an hour and a half, then add the fresh coriander (as thinly chopped as you prefer) and gently stir in. Leave on the low heat for another 10 minutes and then it’s ready to serve!

Serve with a garnish of either ground or preferably fresh coriander on top.

Or why not add some chilli flakes for extra flavour as a garnish for an extra kick. You could even add two to three teaspoons of chilli flakes with the fresh coriander for a spicier soup.

Happy eating!

Time To Myself | Playlist

I often find that after a stressful day, or just a day where I find myself wanting to spend some time to myself, music is one passion of mine which I will allow in to my personal space. It's so important to take the time to look after ourselves, and this doesn't have to be something physical like buying the latest skin care products or making sure we get our five a day, it can be something mental - which can be a very powerful tool.

I want to share with you today the current playlist from my Spotify account which I listen to when I'm having some 'me time'. I have listened to this playlist everywhere from walking to university if I'm preparing myself mentally for an exam, to in the bath, to curled up in my pyjamas and duvet on the sofa. Music can have such a magical and overwhelming impression on our moods, and I especially, find that it calms me down and makes me feel happier when I truly need it to...and when chocolate won't help!

My playlist

Alt-J | Breezeblocks
Hozier | Take Me To Church
Bastille | Pompeii
Everything Everything | MY KZ, UR BF
Rihanna ft. Kanye West | FourFiveSeconds
James Bay | Hold Back The River
Ed Sheeran | I See Fire
Ellie Goulding | Love Me Like You Do
Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell | Firestone
Sam Smith | Stay With Me
George Ezra | Budapest
Mumford & Sons | Believe
Ed Sheeran | Bloodstream
Sia | Chandelier
Sam Smith | I'm Not The Only One
Echosmith | Cool Kids
James Bay | Let It Go
George Ezra | Blame It On Me
Kyro ft Parson James | Stole The Show
Vance Joy | Riptide
Passenger | Let Her Go

I hope you enjoy this playlist and that it has the same effect on you as it does me and makes you smile and feel relaxed in this crazy world, even if for only a little while.

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

#SS15 Heels | Designer Divas vs High Street Hotties

As much as I would love to, I can't afford some of the amazing designer heels out there being an unemployed student! But - don't dismay - there are a number of high street alternatives to the shoes I am coveting from the Spring Summer Collection 2015.

[All brand images are taken from the representative online stores]

Shoes in the SS15 collection are so beautiful, combining colour schemes from both ends of the spectrum - we're seeing both bright, almost jungle colours like greens, oranges and yellows and pastel colours like baby pinks, purples and tans. There really is something for everyone this spring in the fashion world...I have tried to select my favourites whilst also giving a broad example of the trends for this season and haven't just picked the shoes which closest match each other, but ones that I would happily wear myself...

Fringes are all in this season, and I love both these shoes. What I love most is that they are so similar, and both so readily available. I really like that they are black in colour, as you can never go wrong with a pair of black shoes - they will go with so much both as part of a day time and an evening outfit.

What better combination of colours in the spring than pink, grey and white? I love the playfulness of these shoes, especially with the patterns continuing on to the heel as well. Polka dots are also a favourite of mine as they remind me of comic book or pop art work.

Blues and greens are such wonderful colours for the warmer weather, as they scream the beach and the sea to me. I love the colour of the Miu Miu's, but the cross design on the straps of the New Look wedges is a favourite of mine, and so comfortable.

I am in love with the wedge heels on these two pairs of shoes - they bring something new to a simple wedge, whilst not over powering it. I think these would be perfect paired with a white or cream dress in the warmer months, and brilliant for a bit more of a sophisticated evening outfit for all those spring time events.

These are both such a staple design of shoe for everyone to own, and will go with so many things, especially the Valentino shoes with their nude colour tones. I do, however, really like the pastel colour of the Asos shoes as well.

These shoes will go so well with the denim that's trending this season, especially the darker or coloured denim. The strap around the ankle also gives fantastic support.

I love the combinations of colours in these shoes. The Lou Boutin shoes are also available in navy and orange, which would be more similar to the Asos shoes, however, I really wanted to show case the yellow as well as I love this paired with the blue. These shoes remind me of going on a cruise, which is perfect for the warm weather. The addition of the darker blue and black colours also give them more of a night time or evening wear look.

I love white shoes in the spring and summer - they look really nice with the pastel and white colours around at the moment, and the strap detailing on both these pairs of shoes is really interesting, especially the Manolo Blahnik shoes which give a nice twist on the generic gladiator sandals from all those summers ago.

Orange, green and brown is such a rustic colour combination, which I think goes very well with the colour schemes of this spring. I really like that the accent is on the heels rather than the straps of the shoes.

I hope you enjoyed my picks of this seasons shoes in the Designer vs High Street battle...Do you know of any more battle worthy shoes? Let me know in the comments below!

Friday, 27 March 2015

10 Inspirational Quotes To Make You Happy

Happiness and motivation are two things that I sometimes find hard to find in the modern day world - however, whenever I'm feeling down or am having a day where nothing seems to be what I wish it could be in both my physical and mental state, there are a number of quotes and saying that I turn to that always get me seeing the bigger picture and cheer me up. I think that's something everyone needs from time to time...

It is generally the winter months, or the colder months that are associated with bringing down peoples moods, however, there is never a bad time to share some happiness. All of these quotes and sayings below have helped me in a major way at some point in my life, and they are incredibly powerful. Take a few moments to appreciate the real meanings behind the quotes and take them with you wherever you go, so you will always have something in your mind filled with a million and one things to do that can relax you and make you smile.

Have a happy day :)

Does Comfort Eating Work | Delve Deeper

In this crazy, crazy world we call home, there is one thing that has always been a constant companion to me - food! From a young age, I have struggled with over eating and getting into bad habits around food, and suffered the consequences of having a poor diet from health issues to dealing with years of bullying at school and beyond. But does all this 'comfort eating' work? Does it actually make you feel any better?

When I was younger, I used to go to my Nan's house every day after school, and eventually graduated to going every Thursday afternoon from high school. Food was always an important part of my family life, especially at my Grandparents house, where my Nan would give me what we called 'tasters' before dinner, which generally consisted of a piece of bread and a small bowl of gravy (my Nan literally used to be the Queen of gravy in my eyes). This became such a regular habit when I was younger, especially when I would go to my Nan's every day, it became almost habit.

I can never actually remember being thin, or a 'normal' weight for my age as I was growing up, and as harsh as it sounds, I do blame it in some part on my family life. My parents worked so hard to give me a good upbringing, that it meant that they generally couldn't be there in the morning before school or in the afternoons when I got home. I started going to a child minder after school when I was still at primary school, where I would be given my dinner like any normal child and left to play. It was such a lovely place and environment, but the problem I had was when I got home, where I didn't like being left out of things - which included dinner. My parents would have dinner when they both got in and had picked me up from the child minders, and to keep me at bay would offer me a miniature portion of their dinner as well - so in effect I was having two dinners on an evening. This became such habit, I carried it on into my high school years without even thinking about it. 

When I went to high school I started getting the bus to and from home. The bus I got in my first few years of high school was quite an expensive bus, and would drop me off about half a mile away from my house, where I would, when I got home and have two or more hours on my own before my parents got home, entertain myself with snacks while I was watching the television. When I went into my teenage years, I started getting a different bus, which stopped much closer to my house. However, this bus was much cheaper than the original bus I was getting, which left me with some spare money for sweets from the shop on my way home. What became an even worse scenario is when the bus times changed, and I had a forty-five minute wait at school for the hourly bus to arrive. Armed with some friends, we realised that while waiting for this bus we had two options - sit in the library at school, or walk down to the shops and spend our money on sweets and wait for the bus outside the shops instead (which also gave us 30 pence more to spend in the shop each).

This terrible habit with food went unnoticed, even by myself, for a long time. I was quite stocky when I first went to high school, and was over weight, but not massively. My weight soon ballooned with all this spare money and sweet buying, until I started to notice myself that I was much less fit and much larger than all the others girls in my school - which going to an all girls school was a lot! I started getting bullied toward the end of my second year at high school, which got to the point that I would purposely take more food to make myself feel better and would mean that I could spend more time by myself eating rather than sitting there with nothing to do on break times. I became so detached from most things in my life at that point, that food became the one thing I could rely on and would make me happy, even for a little while. And, for the time that I was severely bullied, food made me happier - but it also made the bullying worse.

With my weight ever climbing, I had gotten so caught up in eating for pleasure, that I didn't even notice my habits transition into something more sinister. I got to the point that I was eating because it meant that I wouldn't have to speak to anyone, and that I would eat something to feel accepted and elated, but that feeling would last for less and less time each time I ate something new. I had turned in to a massive comfort eater, and I honestly believed at that time that it wouldn't have any effect on me other than making me happy.

The bullying eventually stopped on a grand scale - though I still did get bits here and there, but my eating had become so much a part of my life, I was eating without even realising it. There would be times where I would finish a meal or a snack and not even remember eating it, I was eating so fast just to cram in the happy feelings. I tried every diet under the sun, but no matter how hard I tried and persevered with the dieting, I had gotten to a point where I felt so fat and worthless that I would secretly be eating again to make myself feel happy and convince myself that I was doing the right thing.

At the age of twenty-four, I can look back on my relationship with food, and say that it was a terrible relationship, and one that has effected my life in more ways than just causing me to gain weight. I've gotten to the point now where I can say no to food, however, I still have times where I see food and I will have finished it without even thinking, and sometimes I get frustrated if someone else is eating something and I don't have anything edible. I spend most of the time I look in the mirror when I'm getting dressed or doing my makeup hating myself for the size that I am, and it has taken me a long time to reduce that hate to a point where I can appreciate my personality and my passions more than my looks. I want to be healthier and I want to lose weight - but I have put myself in a position by letting comfort eating get the better of me and take over my life so much, that there is a massive mental battle I am currently going through, which has caused me to have days when I feel worthless and depressed, that I have to conquer before I can start a healthy diet.

Comfort eating is a slippery slope. It can make you feel fantastic, worth something, happy and accepted - but it won't last. For those five minutes you will feel incredible, but as soon as that food is no longer passing your lips, it will only make you feel worse, both mentally and physically. Food doesn't control your life - it took me a long time to realise and be able to accept that. If you take one thing from this post today, take the self-confidence to be who you are and love who you are for your personality and your passions, not for the way you look!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

11 Spring Eyeshadow Ideas | #SS15

Through the magic of imposing a face onto photo editing software - I have created some simple and easy to do ideas for eyeshadow looks for this spring season. I'm sorry if you were expecting a rustic photo montage of me doing each of these ten looks - but by the time I had done three, my makeup wipes were running thin and my face has changed colour from the almighty amount of eyeshadow I had on it and my brushes, so I will have to apologise for this laziness. But, do enjoy these looks I have created. I have colour matched all the eyeshadows I have used to shadows that I have in my collection. 

I have used a L'Oréal Volume Shocking Mascara, my Dior Liquid Pen Liner and my Max Factor Brow Liner in 'medium brown' as a base look before putting my image through the photo editing software.

The Minimalist
Accent Shade | Sleek Storm Palette 'Perfect Storm'
Highlight Shade | Sleek Storm Palette 'Snow Storm'
Definition Shade | Sleek Storm Palette 'Dust Before The Storm'
Transition Shade | L'Oréal Color Infaillible '017: Sweet Strawberry'
Lower Lash Line | MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette 'Puff'

The Sunshine
 Accent Shade | MUA Single 'Golden'
Highlight Shade | Rimmel London Glam Eyes Quad  '013 Sweet Smoulder: 2'
Definition Shade | Sleek Storm Palette 'Thunder Storm'
Transition Shade | MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette 'Fawn'
Lower Lash Line | Rimmel London Glam Eyes Quad '021 State of Grace: 4' 

The Orchid
 Accent Shade | Sleek Storm Palette 'Eye of the Storm'
Highlight Shade | Rimmel London Glam Eyes Quad '013 Sweet Smoulder: 2'
Definition Shade | MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette 'Henna'
Lower Lash Line | MUA Single Eyeshadow 'Golden'

The Au Naturale
  Accent Shade | MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette 'Hazel'
Definition Shade | MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette 'Blushed Brown'
Lower Lash Line | MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette 'Fawn'

The Bold Liner
Accent Shade | Sleek Storm Palette 'Eye of the Storm'
Definition Shade | Sleek Eye Palette 'Calm Before the Storm'
Lower Lash Line | Rimmel London Glam Eyes Quad '021 State of Grace: 2'

The Sunset
Accent Shade | MAC Single Eyeshadow 'Rule'
Highlight Shade | Rimmel London Glam Eyes Quad '012 Sweet Smoulder: 2'
Definition Shade | MAC Single Eyeshadow 'Amber Lights'
Transition Shade | MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette 'Puff'
Lower Lash Line | Rimmel London Glam Eyes Quad '003 Smokey Purple: 2'

The Subtle Smokey Eye
 Accent Shade | MAC Navy Times Nine Palette 'JG Grey'
Highlight Shade | MAC Navy Times Nine Palette 'Silver Fog'
Definition Shade | MAC Navy Times Nine Palette 'Cloudscape'
Lower Lash Line | MAC Navy Times Nine Palette 'JG Grey'

The Garden
 Accent Shade | MAC Single Eyeshadow 'Fiction'
Highlight Shade | MAC Single Eyeshadow 'Humid'
Definition Shade | Sleek Storm Palette 'Storm Cloud'
Transition Shade | Sleek Storm Palette 'Thunder Storm'
Lower Lash Line | MAC Navy Times Nine Palette 'JG Grey'

The Wedding
Accent Shade | Rimmel London Glam Eyes Quad '021 State of Grace: 1'
Highlight Shade | Rimmel London Glam Eyes Quad '021 State of Grace: 3'
Definition Shade | Sleek Storm Palette 'Electric Storm'
Lower Lash Line | Rimmel London Glam Eyes Quad '021 State of Grace: 4'

The Peacock
Accent Shade | Sleek Storm Palette 'Storm Cloud'
Highlight Shade | Rimmel London Glam Eyes Quad '003 Smokey Purple: 4'
Definition Shade | MAC Purple Times Nine 'Satellite Dreams'
Transition Shade | MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette 'Fawn'
Lower Lash Line | MAC Purple Times Nine 'Lightly Sugared'

The Ivy Garden
Accent Shade | MAC Single Eyeshadow 'Swimming'
Definition Shade | MAC Single Eyeshadow 'Humid'
Lower Lash Line: Rimmel London Glam Eyes Quad '013 Sweet Smoulder: 1'

I hope you enjoy the eyeshadow ideas and looks - I apologise once again for the photo edited-ness of this post but my carpet and my makeup remover wipes couldn't take any more battering - not to mention the redness that was coming up on my skin after removing so much eyeshadow from my face!
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