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Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog, and wanting to know more about the person behind it. 


I'm a normal 24 year old girl, with a passion for beauty, fashion, photography - anything creative really. 

I'm currently studying in Leeds, West Yorkshire (in good olde Blighty!) in my final year. I wanted to start blogging following a number of people on YouTube and current bloggers who have helped cheer me up and fill my life with all the things I love, especially when I'm feeling depressed. 

I hope you enjoy what you read on here, as all of it is stuff that is either close to my heart, or stuff that I actually do...I'm not here to make up random blogs that I think people will want to read - when I discover it and love it I will share it!

Chio x


Charlotte said...

Love your blog however I've noticed in your 'welcome' on the left hand side bar it says 'Cheltneham' instead of 'Cheltenham' just thought I'd let you know!
Charlotte xx

Rachael McKenzie said...

Hey. Thank you haha! I did it on my phone and spelt it wrong by accident once to my mum and now ever time I type Cheltenham it irritatingly auto corrects it to being spelt wrong haha! Thanks for notifying me xx

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