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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Accessorise Your Autumn | New In At Accessorize

Accessorize has always been one of the all time favourite shops to go to for beautiful, unique accessories when I fancy spending a bit more money, yet not breaking the bank. They have some fabulous new in items for Autumn, as well as some brilliant sale items. There is so many products on my wish list from Accessorize at the moment, I can only fit my ten favourites from their new in range in this post! With everything from jewellery to scarves, bags to hats - join me in my top ten Accessorize new in items.

1 // Elenor Crystal Flower Torq Necklace, £17 £13.60
This necklace is so adorable. I love the way that it doesn't join together, giving it a more formal look, which would be perfect with any colour of dress for a night out or a special event. I also love the use of a floral design, clinging on to those Summer months, but in a beautifully elegant way with a hint of falling Autumn leaves with its subtle gold hints of colour.

2 // Floral Printed Face Leather Watch, £30
Watches are something that I rarely wear, but I love the floral design on this watch. Watches that have designs on the faces, rather than just on the straps are really interesting to me, and the dark blue colour is great for Autumn and Winter, especially with the peach and orange colours in the flowers being a perfect Autumnal accessory.

3 // Check Applique Badge Weekender Bag, £45 £35
This is such a cute weekender bag, and you certainly wouldn't have any issues telling which bag is yours. The design is really girly, but with a modern look, and I love that it has a sense of personalisation to it, meaning you can easily add bits and bobs all over to make it yours. It's girly chic for the adult.

4 // Pave Flower Statement Cuff Earrings, £6
I'm a massive fan of cuff earrings, mainly because I would love to have the courage to get my ears pierced at the top of the lobe, but I can't bring myself to do it, so cuffs are a fantastic alternative. I love the waterfall floral effect of this cuff which gives a unique, fashionable twist on a more formal look.

5 // Multi Bead And Leaf Slinky Bracelet, £12
This bracelet screams Autumn to me, with the focal point of the golden leaf, and the oranges and reds coming through in the beads. It's perfect for any occasion, and has a sense of both elegance and girlyness about it which I love. The clip closer with the solid frame is a clever idea, as it means you can get the look of wearing multiple bangles without them being too heavy or merging into what looks like one mass of bracelet and getting tangled.

6 // Bloomsbury Silk Scarf, £19
I really love the deep colours in this scarf, especially with the combinations of the blues and reds which are so Autumnal. It's such a pretty design with a cross between a Greek floral scene and an ethnic feel which is great for this season.

7 // Knit And Leather Driving Gloves, £29
These gloves are definitely going on my Christmas List. I love the old fashioned feel to these gloves, with a contemporary feel. The contrast between the brown leatherette and the cream wool is so beautiful and Autumnal and they look so cozy and warm!

8 // Tibet Wool Scarf, £35
The Tibetan patterning on this scarf is great for the colder months as it makes me feel like I'm somewhere warm, yet it also has a really Christmassy feel to it with the white and reds in my opinion. It's such a soft scarf and great to snuggle up in on a cold evening.

9 // Katy Fedora Hat, £29
Hats are coming back in style this Autumn season, and the deep maroon colour in this Katy Fedora Hat is such a great colour for the changing season. I love the shine on the buckle which gives it a little extra wow factor too. I love wearing hats - even if they don't suit me - and Fedora's are the perfect design for this time of year before we go into the wooly hats of Winter.

10 // Owl Across Body Bad, £25
Of course there had to be something owl related on my list - I love owls - majorly...and this bag is just too cute to pass. I love that they used browns in the owl, as it's really fitting to Autumn, and there is something about owls, and indeed foxes, that warm the colder months - as crazy as that sounds. I love the tan shell effect beads and the deep brown leather eyes of the owl especially.

I hope you enjoyed my Accessorize New In Top 10 List - let me know in the comments below what items you are excited for in the Accessorize range this Autumn season.


Jo Nguyen Outlanderly said...

Such a lovely ensemble for fall! I have my eyes on the hat and ear cuff. Swoon....

Jo x

Emyii Rankin said...

Great list =]

Rachael McKenzie said...

The hat is such a beautiful colour!

Rachael McKenzie said...

Thanks :)

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