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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Halloween | A Spiderific Chocolate Crisp Spiders Web Cake

Halloween is less than a week away, so party plans have been made, costumes have been concocted and ideas are flying around friendship groups everywhere of what to be, where to celebrate, and certainly how to turn our every day homes or venues into creepy Halloween dungeons for the evening. Welcome to Halloween on Twisted Beauty...
If you haven't checked out my Rice Crispie Owl recipe yet, check that out here, as this recipe is perfect for those left over rice crispie chocolate balls! Or you can just make chocolate rice crispie balls from scratch. Halloween treat are definitely my favourite thing about the holiday as well as getting to dress up in crazy outfits and for nobody to bat (pun intended) an come and make some fabulous Chocolate Crisp Spiders Web Cakes with me!

These cakes are absolutely adorable - I say cakes, I'm not sure that Rice Crispies and chocolate mushed together can constitute a cake, but it's what we call it here in the UK! And, who could resist and almighty overwhelming amount of chocolate in a spooky shape at Halloween. To make these treats, which are perfectly easy for kids to make and really quick you will need:

Step 1 > Make your Rice Crispie chocolate cakes

Take 75g of the milk chocolate and melt in a heatproof bowl over warm water until there's no lumps before pouring over your Rice Crispies (cheaper or unbranded crisp cereals work just as well - you could even use Corn Flakes or any other cereal you wish). Stir the chocolate gently into the cereal until fully combined and then spoon out six portions into cupcake or muffin cases and put in the fridge to solidify (this could take up to 20 minutes).

Step 2 > Melt your marshmallows

Place the marshmallows in a microwavable bowl and melt for 10 seconds on a medium heat setting - they melt incredibly fast so be careful to only to 10 seconds at a time. Take out and stir and pop back in for another 10 seconds if needs be, until the marshmallows are completely runny with no lumps.

Step 3 > Make your marshmallow webs

Taking the marshmallow mix out of the microwave, be sure to stir for a few minutes as the mix will be hot. Don't mould with your hands until it's cool enough! Get your set cakes. Take a walnut sized amount of liquid marshmallow between your fingers and stretch it and mash it gently between your fingers before moulding it over the cakes by stretching and moulding which ever way you wish to create a spiders web effect.

Step 4 > Create your chocolate shapes

Melt the remaining 75g of chocolate in the same way as before, then pour into your respective moulds. I used half of a cake pop mould to make half-circles of chocolate, and then used a small chocolate fingers mould to make the legs and head shapes (we'll be cutting these down later). You can also use a piping bag with a circular nozzle to pipe leg shapes and head shapes for your spiders onto a silicon or cling film sheet. Put these in the freezer for ten minutes until solid.

Step 5 > Assemble your spiders

Once everything is set, take your chocolate pieces out of the moulds. I cut the ends off some of the chocolate sticks to make square heads for my spiders. Remember, you will need to make six heads, six bodies and 48 legs for your spiders! I assembled my spiders on top of their marshmallow webs. Because the webs remain sticky in this form, you don't need any sticking agent for the chocolate pieces. 

To finish them off, I used two silver decorative balls on each for the eyes, using some of the left over marshmallow to stick them on the heads of the spiders. I also sprayed a little edible gold dust onto the spiders backs to give them more dimension. 

And you're done! Adorable chocolate spiders on a marshmallowy chocolate rice cake base, perfect for Halloween!

Let me know in the comments below what you will be making for Halloween treats this year!

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