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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Getting A New Perspective With Hotter Shoes

I was very happy to be invited to my local Hotter Shoes store in Cheltenham a couple of weeks ago to discover more about this renowned brand. Hotter isn't a retailer that I have ever shopped at before, assuming it was for the older generation, so it was exciting to be able to see what this brand had to offer with fresh eyes and perspective. Arriving to the venue, I was greeted with an array of treats, and was really looking forward to learning more about where the brand came from, and getting to look more in depth at the shoes, and even bags, on display, very kindly being offered to take a pair home at the end of the event to get a real feel for what Hotter as a brand and a retailer has to offer.
Hotter has always been a brand that my Mum has been crazy about, so I always assumed that it was a brand for the older generation, and not something that me, as a 20 something year old would be suited to, so I was really hoping that my mind could be changed and I could open up a whole new door of footwear possibilities for my age range. The event was held at the Hotter store on the Promenade in Cheltenham, a beautifully located store amongst the likes of The White Company and Hobbs. The store was equally at beautiful inside with a modern design, which reminded me of a modern lodge you would find when you went skiing.

We were welcomed with a glass of Prosecco and some nibbled including my favourite - macaroons! Having a chance to go to my first event in Gloucestershire, I was excited also to meet all the bloggers that are in the area. I met seven lovely local bloggers whilst at this event, from all backgrounds of blogging. It was also nice to get some tips from them as they had all been blogging much longer than me and it was fascinating to hear their stories of how they had turned their blogging passion into a career - there's hope for me yet!

We were welcomed by the staff and the social media executives of Hotter Cheltenham, and shown a presentation giving us an insight into the technology and history behind this brand. It was so interesting to learn about where the brand came from, learning about the designers and technology behind the shoes - especially their cushioned soles (which are easily removable from the shoes). Initially I didn't think that the cushioned soles could make much of a difference to the shoes, trying on a pair of heels, however, I was really surprised at how comfortable and easy to walk in they were, with the heels at Hotter going no more than a few inches high - yet not loosing any of their glamorous appeal.

I was excited to look at all the different styles, not expecting to find anything that would suit me due to my previous perceptions of the brand. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were a number of styles and shoes in the store that caught my eye and I had seem similar designs in other stores much more associated with the younger generations. It was also refreshing to find such a dedication by a brand to match the high street trends of clothing fashion to footwear fashion, with each season of Hotter shoes mimicking the seasons trends in colour and style.

In the end it was a toss up between two pairs of beautiful shoes - first the Donna heels in dark aqua which had such a vintage feel to them, with a modern era twist. I especially liked the ruffling detail which meant that the shoe could be a wider fitting (something that I was pleased to find that Hotter shoes offered a variety of width fittings for) which still looking elegant. My second choice was the Odele boots in burgandy, the pair I ended up going for in the end. They were incredibly comfortable and perfect for the Autumn/Winter season ahead! I also loved that they had the lace detail, but still had the zip on the side. I was so pleased with these shoes that I also got a pair in Chocolate for my Mum, who was thrilled to receive them, and I don't think has taken them off for two weeks!

My perceptions of the Hotter brand and their selection of shoes was dramatically changed after attending this event as I had my eyes opened to the classic and timeless styles offered and incredibly comfortable footwear - which are certainly, that I can now see, appropriate and fashionable for women (and men) of all ages! Let me know in the comments below if you have every shopped at Hotter and what you're favourite thing is about this brand - or if you are like me and a 20 something who would like to discover something new - head on down to your local Hotter store or shop online using the code PNDTEN to receive a 10% discount on your purchase as well as free p&p to find that perfect gift for Christmas for that special someone - or even as a treat to yourself (expires Monday 24th December 2015).

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