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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Autumn of Faux | Top 5 Fur Coats

One trend I am loving for this Autumn season is Faux Fur coats and jackets. There are so many fabulous options out there on the high street and online in a style to suit everyones taste from the girly girl to the punk rocker. My stand of the use of fur in clothing, and indeed leather is a whole different matter, but I do love the fur look, and faux fur is definitely something that I love. All the jackets and coats I've chosen are faux fur, and all the 'leather' is polyurethane. If you're looking for a fabulous, glamorous faux fur coat for the Autumn season, here are my top five.

1. Beige Wool-Blend Faux-Fur Collar Winter Coat, £95
I love this coat as a more formal or work-wear coat, with the light coloured fur and cream sleeves. I really like the semi tweed look on the cuffs and the main jacket, especially with the darker brown trim. It's a perfect coat for wearing day-to-day to work or for a more formal occasion with the nights getting colder.

2. Stone Fur Collar Biker Jacket, £65 £45
This jacket is a fantastic, light alternative to the classic black leather jacket. The camel-grey colour is great for Autumn and goes really well with the grey-tan mixture of the faux fur. I love the embellishments on the jacket in the stripes and the pockets are a useful accessory. I also like that the jacket is a longer jacket, rather than a waist height hem which is really slimming.

3. Parisian Camel Faux Fur Collar Waistcoat, £39.99
We all know the weather is still quite warm, especially for Autumn, so this waistcoat style jacket is perfect for day wear while the sun is still shining. I love the belt creating a synched in waist, which is really slimming, especially in contrast to the large fur collar. I also love the pink-tan colour of the coat which gives it a really girly look, especially if worn with a thin jumper underneath.

4. Faux Fur Shawl Biker Jacket, £58
As a classic black jacket, this is a really nice style, with the short hanging hem. The darker brown faux fur is a nice contrast to the jacket, and the large collar is very slimming. It's a great look for a more girly 'punk' daywear look.

5. Emma Bonded Waterfall Jacket, £40
This is a really cosy looking coat, and I love that it holds on to the boho chic of the Summer months. I love the cream fur on the inside of the coat, which can be seen on the cuffs and the collar as well against the camel main coat. The deep pockets are also really useful.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite style of faux fur is, and not just coats - if you like faux fur bags, accessories or other clothing item, let me know how you will be styling faux fur this season.


Sara Nuša Golob Grabner said...

These are so pretty! I would love to have the Emma Bonded Waterfall one :)

Rachael McKenzie said...

It's so pretty isn't it - I really want to get the Parisian waistcoat :)

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